Transformational Agriculture

Changing Lives

The company acquires marginal unproductive land, planting, managing and harvesting non-food source biomass to produce biofuels. Additionally, our diverse list of trees will be deployed to remediation heavy toxins from soils and groundwater and for erosion control for construction projects. ... Read More

Plantation Development and Management

Growing Opportunities

High-density, quick growing trees represent a viable mechanism to maximize land and water resources on a large scale addressing erosion control, temperature regulation, habitat for biodiversity, water purification, climate regulation, enhanced pollination and enrichment of the soil. ... Read More

Fueling Tomorrow

Planting Empowerment

The Carbonwood project represents a “farms to fuel” biofuel production chain employing a decentralized cost-effective modular biofuel plant model. We will plant non-food source biomass on marginal land to produce second generation biofuels ... Read More

Environmental Solutions


The company will grow a diverse mix of saplings to be deployed marginal lands to uptake nitrates and heavy metals from contaminated soils and groundwater and used for erosion control on large scale commercial construction projects. ... Read More

Transformational Agriculture

Creating Something of Value...
Something That Matters

The Company will acquire, develop and professionally manage socially responsible plant nurseries and sustainable mixed-species tree plantations on marginal land that is suitable for the production of food.

The plant material developed by the Company will be deployed globally and utilized in afforestation and phytoremediation projects for the removal of heavy toxins in soils and groundwater, biomass for biofuels and power generation, and in the production of high-value commercial lumber.

As clean fuel mandates continue to grow the Company will be positioned to work with local communities and governmental agencies to be a supplier of “local biofuels.”

Carbonwood Forestry

reforestation nursery

The company creates value by acquiring, cultivating and harvesting elite hybrid trees on marginal agricultural land for commercial timber production.

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Afforestation Projects

Our propagation nursery facilities provide elite tree saplings for global exportation in afforestation, reforestation, erosion control and phytoremediation projects.

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Bioremediation / Phytoremediation are proven methods to remove toxins from soils and groundwater and as an erosion control solution on construction projects.

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Biofuel Biomass

The Carbonwood project represents a “farms to fuel” production chain employing a decentralized cost-effective modular biofuel plant model.

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